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Your MacBook laptop can sometimes fail to boot up due to a crash of the Mac OS X or software problems because it is not immune to software problems. However, when it fails to boot up, here are techniques to diagnose the problem and fix it efficiently.

Check if the battery is connected properly and ensure that the power cable of your computer is plugged correctly into the wall outlet.

Power Cycle
When it is not charging or has failed to respond to the power button:1. Remove the battery of laptop and then unplug the power cable. 2. Hold the power button down for about 10 seconds and then insert the power cable as you continue holding for other 10 seconds.3. You can the release the computers power button and turn your computer on normally.

Reset Your SMC & PRAM
SMC- system management controller controls many features on your computer, and it may need to be reset. You can reset it as follows:1. Shut down your computer and plug the power cable into the wall outlet and connect it to your computer.2. Press shift+ control +option keys plus the power button at the same time.3. You can then release the keys and the power button then turn on your computer.If your Mac has a removable battery:1. disconnect the power cable and remove the mac`s battery2. Press the power button and hold it for about 5 seconds then release it.3. You can then reconnect the removed battery and then the power cable and then turn on your computer.

PRAM– parameter random-access memory may require being reset after some time. Reset it using the below procedure.1. Turn on your computer normally then hold on to hear the start-up chime 2. You can then hold command + option+ P+ R keys down till your Mac restarts again.

Apple Diagnostics
The MacBook has a pre-installed diagnostic test feature that helps you to identify the existing problems even if the operating system is not working. Moreover, you can connect to the internet and download a diagnostic tool when your operating system is down. Here are ways to do it:1. Turn your MacBook power on and wait to hear the start-up chime then hold option +D keys down till it gives you a recovery message for starting the internet.2. You can then select a Wi-Fi network and wait for download tests as you finalize the installation.3. When the diagnostic test is downloaded, you can then go to the tab on the hardware test and click the test button. The procedure tests computers RAM and other components and wait because it may take up to one hour.

Mem test
Memtest is a renowned memory testing tool that can be run from the terminal. It is available in both paid and free versions. Here is the procedure of running the test but you should ensure your computer is in safe mode.
1. Turn on your computer`s power and then hold the shift key down immediately after you have heard the start-up chime.2. When your Apple Logo comes up, you can release the shift key and switch any RAM that is faulty and test discovers.

Recovery Partition
Your MacBook OS X operating system offers you with a suite of tools that enables it to recover itself known as OS X recovery. Here are steps to put your computer in recovery mode.After you hear the start –up chime, hold the Command + R keys down immediately till the apple logo appears and then release the keys. It gives you the following options.1. Restore your computer from the time machine backup so that you can verify and repair the drives connected via Disk Utility.2. Ensure you have an internet connection and get online help using Safari so as to install or to reinstall OS x.

Install or Reinstall OS X
You can reinstall the operating software of your computer, and you should back up your data first.

Run Linux
When you are busy, and you want to use your computer, then you can run Linux off of a CD or a USB.

Contact Apple Support
You should always be keen on the unusual sounds, visuals, and light that suggest your computer has a problem. This may include an audio error code that may come as three beeps that are followed by a pause and then repeats itself. When you have recorded many symptoms, you can contact An Apple Support representative to help you connect the problem.

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