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Spending a lot of money to buy a Mac computer and it starts running slow is always frustrating. However, you should always know that Mac can sometimes run slowly. Sometimes when you are buying the Mac computer, the dealers will always convince you that you will not encounter any sluggish performance that will make owning a Mac a significant problem to you. Macs have been known to run slowly with age.

You can only know that your Mac has started performing slowly when you restart, and you have to wait for about ten minutes to open it. Moreover, your apps in the computer start taking a lot of time to open and sometimes crash after opening. It also becomes very hard to browse the internet and to open a text document. Besides, you should always keep off from the programs that promise to optimize your Mac and improve its speed and performance. Some cleaning programs may remove some temporary files while creating some space on your computer.

Here are surefire tips for how to identify and fix the problem.

The Mac dealers will always convince you that you will never encounter problems but in the real sense, your computer will start becoming unresponsive and have many lag issues attributed to the worst Windows PC. You should always know that Macs are not invincible machines, and they will have such problems someday.

Mac computer faces the same challenges other PCs face because they sometimes get exposed to malware, spyware, adware, viruses, worms and Trojans. It is true that Macs are immune to much malicious code targeting that is prone in other PCs. Moreover, Mac can also be bogged down with old downloads, logs, reports, unused files among other unnecessary junks that get into your computer due to the factory install. These files may mess up with your computers hence denying you the chance to enjoy the speed and performance, and you will not get the full Apple experience.

Moreover, installing a good antivirus program to protect your computer from the malicious software which damages your machine is a good idea. However, it does not help to get rid of the junk files that often clog up your Mac. You can keep your Mac running appropriately and efficiently by scanning safely and detoxing all areas of your computer using a program like Detox My Mac.

Detox My Mac will help you in freeing up the disk space of your computer, speed up response and performance and remove all the junk files by just two clicks. The program will diagnose the bad files places such as your history, leftovers from the uninstalled apps, download folders, cache files among other thirty elements. You can also select the parts of your computer that requires cleaning when you are targeting a particular area.

When your Mac is running slowly, the best way to improve the performance of your computer and extend its lifespan is by using Detox My Mac. The program will ensure that your computer will give your money value. You should always detox your computer regularly to ensure that it runs smoothly and will also keep you from visiting the Genius Bar to make it run properly.Finally, when your Mac is bogged down with many and annoying junk files, Detox My Mac is recommended to get rid of the problem quickly and efficiently.

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