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Hacking wifi

There are many hacking tools that can be used to cause havoc to different computer devices including your mobile. Quite a number of people are with the disposition that hackers do not have business with their pc or phone but are only interested in crashing or getting information from a corporate website or server. This is true but not entirely correct. Hacker have a lot of tools that can be used to crash any digital device. One tool is mostly used is the DoS (denial of service) which involves sending loads of traffic to a website until the system or server utilization is over 100% and crashes as a result of this. Presently, security gurus – including the Skycure mobile security firm – have proven that iOS devices can also be attack by overloading them with traffic thereby causing the phone and everything on it to breakdown.

You are wondering how hackers can get into your phone using DoS, right? Good!

Everybody loves wireless internet network. Hackers simply set up a wireless network to which all phones in that jurisdiction can connect. Since they are the owner and they understand the set up and way around, they leave users to connect to the network, then aim specific device(s) to which they launch a script that’d keep sending traffic to that phone. This will eventually cause the phone to crash.

Of recent, Skycure conducted a study and the result of this research corresponds with their previous ones. The result of their study showed that hackers can make devices to connect to a wireless network they create without the user of the device authorizing the connection.

Let’s look at this from a more catastrophic angle. If a hacker can make devices connect to their wifi network without user authorization, it means that such hacker, if determined to create a great geographical havoc, can create a wireless network in a very populated area – for example, a mall, – make all devices connect, and then crashed them all.

How to avoid this is simply by staying away from every unsecured wireless network that you don’t know.

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