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Currently, cancer is a major global concern. Its occurrence is rising while awareness and treatment remain a challenge. The majority in the population does not understand the importance of cancer screening, or they do not have access to these screening centers. What is cancer? It is the growth of cells in an uncontrolled manner with capabilities of invading and spreading to other body parts. There exist different types of cancers and in this section; we are going to elaborate more on the manifestation of cervical cancer.

Early Symptoms of cervical cancer
At initial early stages, it is very hard to detect cervical cancer without proper screening. In many cases, people usually know their status when it is already late making treatment more complicated. However some of the early indicators of possibility of cervical cancer are;

Paining legs
For the women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer, at first even before going for the test, the will experience swelling in the legs characterized with pains. According to experts, swelling is caused by blood vessel blockage by the inflamed cervix. The swelling usually prevents a free flow of the blood to the legs.

Vaginal discharges
Most of the vaginal discharges are clear and odorless except for the monthly periods. In case, there is discharge with peculiar colors, unpleasant odor, and having course particles. There is the need for a red line alert; the person might be suffering from cervical cancer. However, some of the discharges might be caused by STIs although a qualified doctor should confirm this.

Discomfort during urination
Urination should be natural and continuous. In some instances, women might experience difficulties such as pain during the process. These signs should prompt the person to go for a checkup, as it is possible to detect cancer through the urine test. In additional, the color of urine also indicates the health status of a person.

Pain and blood when having sex
A woman should not experience pain or bleeding during the intercourse. The presence of pain and blood is a clear indicator that not all is going well. It could be a warning signal of cervical cancer. Pain may be due to the development of cancerous tumors in the cervix. A more severe pain might be experienced if other surrounding areas are infected with tumors. Such areas include bladder, rectum, and ovaries. Sometimes, pain during intercourse may be due to other factors such as STIs and rough partner

More advanced/systemic symptoms
Cervical cancer is simple to detect by use of local signs such as urine. It is uncommon to experience the transfer of infectious cells and tissues from one point to another through blood ( Haematogenous dissemination). Also, during the examination, there is no transmission of cancerous cells and tissues to the adjacent ones. However, during the severe stage, other body organs might get affected. Most prone body parts to metastases include liver, brain lymph nodes and bone. The person can experience the following conditions.
• Jaundice
• Vomiting
• Bone fracture
• Swelling of lymph nodes
• Breathing difficulty
• Hepatomegaly
• Coma

Cervical cancer might cause hormonal change triggering
• Increased calcium levels in the body
• Increased production of ACTH
• Increased production of ADH
To treat cervical cancer cost fortunes, you can prevent that by getting screened.

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