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Travel by flights is on the increase these days and there are a number of online consumer portals which offer the customers the opportunity to book tickets at cheap and affordable rates.

We have provided details of a few online travel portals which may not land you the perfect deal but there’s a good chance you’ll save money or find better routing options.

1. is one website where people can get good deal for their flights and get cheap tickets for their air travel. One of the key features of is that they post the mistake fares on that only last for a limited amount of time before it is fixed by the airline. This information is posted on Facebook, Twitter, newsletters or on the website itself.

2. Skiplagged

Skiplagged is a pro-consumer travel website that will assist you in finding the cheapest flight ticket to your destination. “Throwaway tickets” is one of the major attractions of Skiplagged. Throwaway tickets are mainly associated with flights to a unpopular destination. For example, let us assume that you need to travel from Miami to Chicago. The fares on this route are going to be expensive as more people would be travelling on his route. However, the fares of tickets from Miami to Denver will be comparatively less expensive. If you can find a flight to Denver from Miami with a layover in Chicago, the concept of throwaway ticket comes into play. Instead of going to Denver, you can throw way that leg of the travel and exit at the Chicago airport.

3. ITA Matrix

ITA Matrix uses a calendar index to help customers to find the cheapest possible flight for their travel itinerary. The customer has to enter the origin and destination, and the duration of the trip, and ITA Matrix will find the cheapest fare for your itinerary. ITA Matrix does not offer the ability to make reservations directly. However, you can use the information displayed on the itinerary details page to book your tickets with the airline or a travel agent.

4. Airfare Watchdog

The search and compare feature of this portal allows quick and easy comparison of not just fares but schedules on many different airlines at a glance. The portal also lists the top 50 fares which are available for a specified journey from around the world at that moment. The customers can sign up for fare alerts for the desired location or dates on the portal and they will be notified by email whenever a reduction in fares occurs on that specified route.

5. Google Flights

Google Flights is another online portal which can help you to find the best deals and routes for air travel. Google Flights offers users flight search tools that make it easy to quickly find the best flight. Google Flights’ map view allows you to drag and drop your chosen route to another destination to see how the fare changes, while a bar graph view lets you see how fares rise or drop over a set time.

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