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Countless foods ingredients have been banned in many industrious countries around the world, yet they are approved for human consumption by American FDA. This is a fact that leaves people wondering, are these food ingredients really safe for human consumption? Are these toxic ingredients playing a role in the skyrocketing rate of diseases here in America?

Here are some of the ingredients that you need to be aware of and should avoid completely, for the sake of your health.

1. Olestra

Olestra or as well known Olean is a calorie and cholesterol-free fat substitute usually found in fat-free snacks. While it’s used to compensate taste in snacks, it has been associated with diarrhea, loose stool, abdominal cramps, and flatulence. Even, more importantly, Olestra has been proven to reduce the body’s ability to absorb fat-soluble carotenoids, which increases the risk of heart diseases.

2. Farm raised Salmon

As opposed to wild salmon, farm-raised are fed chemical to give them an attractive color, make them look stronger and bigger. They are also usually crowded in small areas which inhibit movements, thereby causing diseases. To prevent infection, they are often treated with antibiotics, which is not good for human health. That’s why New Zealand and Australia have banned this type of fish. You are better off if you consider wild salmon since their omega three concentration is high and don’t be fooled by name such as Atlantic salmon,’ some of these fish are actually farm raised, so be on the lookout.

3. Flame retardant (BVO)

The average home in U.S has multiple sources of the flame-retardant chemical,(BVO) as it’s widely used in carpet and textiles, foam insulation and even in motor vehicles. This ingredient is very toxic, but some soda manufacturers still use them to protect the flavor of their products. Several studies show that BVO usually accumulates in fatty tissue, depressing the nervous system and interferes with the reproductive cycle. This ingredient is already banned in Europe and Japan.

4. Ractopine

Ractopine is banned in over 160 countries, around the world including Europe, Russia, and China due to its suspected health effects. It is mainly used to reduce fat content in pigs, cattle, and turkey ready for slaughter. This drug has been associated with chromosomal changes, hyperactivity, heart diseases among other health problems. Avoid any meat with Ractopine, and if possible, use local grown organic meat that the no contact with hormones and antibiotics.

5. Hormonal RGBH

This hormone is used in cows to help them produce more milk and its banners in more than 30 countries including Canada, New Zeeland, Israel, and Australia, because of its danger to human health. Some of the health problems caused by this hormone include an increased risk to colorectal, prostate and even breast cancer. This hormone can be found in Milk, cheese and yogurt that are not organic. The only way to avoid it is by looking for products labeled as RBHG free’.

6. Genetically modified foods

More than 38 countries across the globe are said to ban GMO crops, but not in America. More than 165 million acres of land in the US are currently growing GMO crops. Genetically modified foods are banned in most countries due to environmental and health concern, some like the US feels that there needs to be time to do proper research for the same; in fact, some doesn’t even require a relevant labeling on these products which have earned several companies millions from GMO products. Either way, your health is at risk and would be advisable to avoid them.

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