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Appear Smarter with a Well-Tailored Suit

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Appear smarter

As the environment of the workplace has gone through a revolutionary change, so too has the way those in these workplaces dress and interact with each other. The day of suits seems to have been lost to history as more businesses adopt cultures like those of Google, which has implemented game rooms and resting areas for their employees to keep them motivated. They have also allowed their employees a more relaxed way of dress including sneakers and blue jeans.

Despite these changes, however, there are studies that show the importance of your appearance during your typical workday and the success you’ll achieve because your thoughts and ideas will be more creative and resourceful than if you wore what you felt like for the day. With these studies backed by researchers at Columbia University and California State at Northridge, these studies have gone onto publication in journals like the Social Psychological & Personality Science. These studies have recorded that dressing up and creative thinking have become one in most people. So the more formal you are in your dress attire for work, the more likely you’ll have compelling ideas that can contribute to future growth in substantial ways for your company or business.

The studies go on to state that our cognitive genius is based in our abstract thoughts which can be equated to dressier clothes like suits versus those of tee shirts and jeans. A researcher stationed at Columbia Business School, Michael Slepian explains that our abstract thoughts are directly linked to our formal attire despite the popular belief that formal attire leads to concrete, or factual, thought processes. With this theory having been proven through the use of male and female volunteers of college age, the tests they underwent reinforced this theory that what you wear matters to your overall success within your profession, especially when it relies on abstracts over concrete impressons.

Prior to the tests for these volunteers, some of these volunteers were tasked with wearing clothing classified as clothing for work and/or job interviews. The results of these tests showed an astounding result according to the researchers. The volunteers with dressier clothing were able to provide more abstract ideas and creative thinking compared to those wearing everyday attire. As Slepian expands on the findings, he believes that the formal clothing provide the volunteers with a powerful and confident emotion that allowed them more freedom to express their higher-level thought processes.

As you’ve seen, throwing away your formal attire may not be in your best interest at work. You should instead invest in more formal wear that fits properly for your position and allow the confidence it provides to see you on a path for success within your business.

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