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Have you ever wondered why smartphone batteries die out quickly? The functionality and life of a smartphone`s battery may be affected by many factors that include age, external temperature, and software installed on the device. Moreover, many Android applications have been considered to cause huge drains on your smartphone’s battery, data, and storage.

AVG antivirus experts conducted a research and reported a review that gave precise information about some of the Android applications which contribute to a massive drain on the battery life and slowed down the performance of your smartphone. These Android applications are essential in ensuring your smartphone fulfills all your needs. The key applications in your smartphone include popular messaging applications, shopping, games and entertainment applications. Hence, it is essential to know some of the available Android apps that drain your battery and understand the fundamental ways to reduce their effects thus saving your battery`s life.

The preinstalled apps that come with your smartphone have been considered to be at the top of the list of the software’s that drain your smartphone’s battery. The beaming and security policy updates applications have also been proven to be the worst offenders of your phone’s battery and slow down the proper functioning of your smartphone. Besides, Facebook has been considered to drain the utility of your smartphone, data and storage and its battery life profoundly and is followed by Waze.

Data guzzling is also a problem caused by many applications in your smartphones. The applications subject you to incurring an extra cost of money to pay for additional data which are consumed by your cellular internet provider’s social networking applications. The social networking applications such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram have been considered to be the worst data guzzlers on your smartphone. Spotify has also been ranked as the highest among the data abusing applications.

Gaming applications on your smartphone have been considered to drain your smartphone’s battery hugely. The gaming applications that have been ranked as the top three battery draining apps include candy crush saga, candy crush soda saga, and pet rescue saga. Moreover, the highly popular supercells app; clash of clans and boom beach also cause draining of your smartphone’s battery.

Furthermore, there are available adjustments that will help improve the life of your smartphone’s battery. The first step should consider taking is dimming your screen brightness manually because brightness consumes your phones battery. You should also ensure that you close any applications that are not used at the moment, and you should note that every phone has a way of closing the apps.

Moreover, turning off the background location tracking services on your smartphone will help save the life of your cell phones battery. You can also save the life of your cellphone’s battery by limiting push notifications, turning off the connectivity’s such as Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi as well as reducing the frequency of refreshes on your smartphone. You can also conserve the life and functioning of your smartphone`s battery by deleting your cache of the temporary files and then limit the amount of data used by an app as well as the data used to download other stuff.

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