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Everything in life is important. Some people will agree with me while others will not. Imagine a situation where you were in a relationship, and it ended because of a minor mistake. It does not matter what caused the breakup. What is important is if you still love your ex, you might fear to tell him/her that you want them back.

Of course, you do not want to keep chasing them because they will think they are most important. If you are in that situation, not all is gone. There is a mechanism you can rely on and make your ex, search you using a search engine. The method is simple and results are instant.
There are no specialized skills or rules needed to make your Ex go crazy; it is just playing around with their psychology. The action will cause extra excitement, and he/she will instantly forget what had transpired before break up.

The first step is composing and sending a message through social network, the standard text message or an email. Send a message like this.

You have been appearing in my dreams since we parted, even though we are apart, I have a crucial message that I have been keeping for you since the first day of our meeting. Would you mind if I say it to you?

Whenever a person receives a message that is incomplete, it leaves him /her in a state of suspense. The text raises curiosity to know the rest and purpose of the message. Although you parted, the message might prompt them to recall sweet old memories thereby raising the emotions. The next inevitable thing is a call from your ex. Do not attempt to pick the phone; this will create more pressure on them.

The guy/girl is going to have a stream of thoughts in their heads. They will wonder what you have seen when you were not with them. Could it that you have a new lover? Do you want to reconcile? The person will be totally disturbed and eager to know what is going on. To your advantage, the love old memories are very sweet, and this will make the Ex have more urge of owning you back, it will make them feel jealous; this was your target the weak point

It does not matter how long your x has been on the run, this time; they will be kneeling down begging for the revelation of hidden treasure. Now it is your turn to utilize your trick wisely. The ex is so curious if they call, do not rush to tell them your intentions. Just pick the call and act as if not interested. You can just greet them and end the call. To your amazement, the person will call repeatedly. The more they try to call, try to keep them more curious. By now, you have the ex at your disposal. Now you have achieved your goal of making your Ex hungry and thus, they will keep yearning for more of your calls.

This trick is not a guarantee that it is 100% efficient, and results vary from person to person. Creativity counts here.

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