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Due to fast technological changes such as the internet and smartphones, travelling and vacationing have greatly improved. The changes are so evident and ubiquitous that if you still travel and vacation the old school way, people may view you as being out of sync with the fast advances in the area of communication technology. Below is a list of incredible applications and programs that can improve your voyage, regardless of your destination.

1. Eleventh Hour
Few things are as fun and interesting as making last minute travel decisions. Decades ago, that was unheard of. But today, last minute travel decisions are commonplace thanks to revolutionary apps and programs that aid the traveller in a multitude of ways.
Apps such as GTFO (Get the Flight Out) made by Flight Data Company Hoppers is a useful tool that can help you find affordable, last-minute flight costs. It is given that if you wait until the last minute to get a flight ticket, you also didn’t reserve a hotel in advance. That is where Hotel Tonight and Hostel world come in. Hotel Tonight is one of the most crucial apps that help travellers book last-minute accommodations at generous discounts. For those on a smaller budget, Hostel world will suffice.

2. Travelling Gourmet
Are you a gourmet that loves food prepared with utmost culinary finesse? Well then, Urban Spoon and Food spotting are the apps for you. These applications give you an edge over a clueless traveller. Using your GPS location in the world, these apps can find restaurants around where you can charm your palate.’

3. Wanderlust
You want to explore a new city, town or province on your own without a tour guide, but you do not know the place since you are new? Cutting-edge apps such as HearPlanet or Wikitude are designed specifically for travellers like you. These applications list nearby important cultural and historical attractions.

4. Shopper
If you are the traveller who made a last minute voyage decision, you probably didn’t pack enough stuff in your suitcase to last you the entire time you’d be vacationing. You might have tried to pack as much as possible, but you forgot to carry something crucial. Don’t worry, there is an all-purpose app called Around Me which is specifically designed for a traveller like you. The app will help you find what you are searching for in your immediate radius.

5. Fake Polyglot!
If you need to understand sign posts, photographs, menus or text pages, Google Translates Word Lens is just for you. With the app, you can take a photograph of a page, sign, menu, etc. and then it produces a translation for you.

6. Outdoor Survival
You will need SAS Survival Guide app if you will be spending a few days out in the wild. This app will provide you with the requisite information that you will need to survive outdoors. The information includes video tutorials and photo guides that teach or instruct you on everything from berry collecting to animal tracking.

7. Museums, too
Museums harbor age-old antiquities. They are the custodians of the past. But they are not untouched with the present. Gradually, museums are adapting to technological changes such as social media and smartphones, thus, giving visitors a better way to experience their art collections. To know how much you’ll benefit, search individual museums for the apps they feature.

8. Greetings from the Wild
Letters are slowly sliding to obsolescence. That is because nowadays, there are plenty of apps that combine email features and instant messaging with holiday pictures or media for a unique, beautiful vacation greeting. You can also share in social media your exact position in the world using an app called I Am Here which uses the GPS technology. And if you want to use your photos to design unique digital postcards that you can instantly send to your contacts, Postcard on the Run is the app for you.

9. Nature Enthusiast
If you are a nature enthusiast, you will find an online community called Project Noah amazingly useful. Here you can upload documentaries of the life you find during your exploration.

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