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iPhone tips

You’ve gotten so intimate with your iPhone to the extent that it helps the entirety of your life ranfing from social, business, and love life through to other. With this level of intimacy, you now think you know all the hooks and nooks of your iPhone. Well, to prove you wrong, I have below, a list of 10 things your iPhone can do that you are not aware of:

1. Alphabetic passcode
Passcode seems to be limited to numerical characters alone but this is not true. You can also use alphabetic character. Simply go to Settings, then “Touch ID & Passcode” and click “Turn off Simple Passcode”. This activates the QWERTY keyboard to set any kind of passcode.

2. Siri reads e-mails
If you tell Siri to read your e-mail, she will tell you the sender, recipient, and date e-mail was received. Afterwards, she will read content of the e-mail. You can also ask her to search for emails from specified senders.

3. Shake & redo
Deleting a long text or email could get really frustrating. You can avoid this by simply shaking your phone. Doing this pops up the “Undo Typing” option and doing it again pops up the “Redo Typing” option.

4. Construction
You can arrange your building and decorating needs on your iPhone. Simply swipe left inside the Compass app on your iPhone.

5. Burst photos
You can take sequential photos rapidly when you set your camera to burst mode which is perfect for taking fast actions. Simply hold down the photo capture button to take the shots of whatever you aim to capture.

6. Em-dash
One of the questions iPhone users ask in forum is how to type “em dash.” This is usually asked by those who sees the beauty of perfect grammar. To type the perfect dash for each sentence, hold down the dash key and choose from the superabundant dashed you’ll see.

7. Volume button for camera shutter
Aiming the camera of you iPhone and using the shutter button with the same hand could be troubling most time. You actually don’t have to go through that much stress. You can easily take pictures by simply pressing the volume up button of your iPhone.

8. Apple ear buds camera shutter control
Similar to taking pictures with your iPhone’s volume up button, you can also use the volume up button of your iPhone ear buds.

9. Faster recharge
To charge your phone faster, put it in airplane mode and connect power.

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