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You are spending many hours at the gym. Despite this, you don’t see the results that you are expecting. The reason is that you may be doing it all wrong. Many people don’t realize that they make a lot of mistakes in their workout routine. These are common mistakes that you could be making:

1. Not Using the Right Shoes

If you think that the type of shoes you wear during workout are not important, you are making a mistake. You have to choose the proper shoes for this activity. Cross-trainer shoes (designed with a low profile) and running shoes (made with more cushioning) are specifically designed to help you when you exercise. These types of shoes can provide protection against injuries.

2. Performing Too Many Abs

If you want to have the perfect six pack abdomen, you don’t have to repeat the abs a thousand times. The right approach for building abdominal muscles is a balanced set of exercises and finding a way to remove excess fat from your abdomen. Core exercises are great, but you have to combine them with other types of exercises like yoga or Pilates. The purpose is lumbar stabilization, improving the stability of your muscles and enhancing their performance.

3. Reading During Workout

It is wrong to think that only your body is very active when you exercise. The mind is busy as well. Doing two things at once is not recommended. For example, reading can distract you from working out. Reading during workout can make you slower. The best results can be obtained only if you are constantly focused on your exercises.

4. Not Using the Right Weights

When you lift weights, fast twitch fibers are stimulated. As a result, muscle strength and muscle mass are both increased. It doesn’t matter too much if you do a large number of exercises if the weights are not heavy. You need to use heavy weights to stimulate the fast twitch fibers and increase the muscle mass.

5. Not Pushing Yourself

While the body can get tired after a lot of workout, you won’t achieve much if you don’t push yourself a little bit. Many hours of workout can be useless if you don’t put a lot of efforts into your exercise routine. Try as hard as you can to see what your limits are.

6. Limiting Yourself to a Single Type of Exercise

By performing a single type of exercise, you are only limiting yourself. The key to success is variety. In order for your muscles to develop, they must be challenged in different ways.

7. Not Balancing Your Workout

Balance is extremely important for your training, as it can be the key to achieving functional strength and optimizing the relation of the joints to space. Become creative in your training and you will improve your results. A good example can be to stand on one leg or while you lift weights.

8. Not Using Contract-Relax or Stretching Exercises

You have to perform exercises that allow you to become as flexible as possible. If you want to become as flexible as a gymnast or a dancer, you should not avoid contract-relax and stretching exercises. In a particular type of exercise, you have to stretch your muscles for about twenty seconds, then stop for a little period of time and then contract your muscles for five seconds. Stretch and then perform this exercise again.

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