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affects of falling in love


As a person grow older, he or she tends to become less vulnerable to love without actually knowing the reason for this. Below are 8 reasons why you love less:

1. Instant satisfaction
The present society has made us buy into instant satisfaction from anything. We now have this orientation that the world owes us something we want instantaneously. Nonetheless, falling in love requires much patience and time.

2. Feeling emotionally unsafe
If you prefer to keep your feelings to yourself because of the fear of becoming vulnerable, you leave the place of intimacy and trust unexplored. You prefer to keep these feelings to yourself in order act stay confident in every situation, putting a smile that has no source on your face to make people think you are successful. Living this way hinders the ability to fall in love with another person because love is built on trust and intimacy.

3. Shying away from commitment
A number of people try to run away from commitments as a result of past hurt or because of the mindset of always getting something better what they presently have at hand. Perhaps you find yourself on a forever searching trail, hoping to meet a more appealing person, you should consider retracing your step. The problem is most likely not with the other party, it is with you. Shying away from commitments tends to make people avoid you. Determine to be committed to what you have at hand presently and you’ll see no need to look for what is not lost in the future. Life is short, make most out of it now.

4. Ego
It is good thing to have self-esteem and care about your personal needs and wellbeing. However, you have to be ready to care about another person’s need is you want a good relationship. A happy balance is required!

5. Rigidity over decisions
You fantasize about how you want your future partner must be. He/she just has to be exactly like that, otherwise, no way. This kind of imagination will eventually fetch you no love as it is very unrealistic. No one is perfect, son don’t expect perfection from anybody. What you need to do is not to stay adamant in your search for that perfect person that does not exist; what you do is to shape that imperfect person to the perfect person you’ve always wished.

6. Disney effect
Life is not a fairy tale! Don’t expect you love life to be like a romantic comedy found in Disney movies. Life is way more complicated than that, so are relationships. However, the complication is necessary for partners to understand and love themselves more.

7. Perfection
Nothing on earth is perfect. If perfection exists, we should not have to create thing that make life easier, such as mobile phones, they should naturally occur. What this tells you is that nature is imperfect so is everything on earth. Everyone is prone to making mistakes. In fact, they make stronger and better. Don’t expect anything to be perfect!

8. Goal oriented?
Focusing on achieving your career goals is a sweet thing to do but this often makes you forget the need to love. You should strive to balance achieving your career goals with your love life. You get joy more benefit from loving than the money you gain from success.

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