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There are two difficult sides of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). One, having ADD is not an easy thing to cope with. Two, taking care of someone with this condition is stressful. Someone will be acting abnormally most of the times and it is apparently not their wish.

But first, what is ADD? This is a brain condition which makes someone engage on emotional extreme opposites. Victims will experience intense fear when there is nothing to fear; and they will concentrate when there is nothing worthy to concentration. These among other abnormal behaviours will be a difficult test for those who have to take care of someone in this situation. If you are caring for an ADD person, there are things you need to understand. Here are some facts which will enrich your information and make you a better carer:

8 ADD Facts you should know

· Lack of sleep: persons with the disorder have their brains constantly working and they will never settle. If they are not doing one nasty thing, they are restless trying to find something to get their hands on. You may not get sleep as well as you try to keep them away from harm.

· They lose control: normally, you have control of your emotions but this is a luxury for people with ADD. They are not on top of their emotions and actions. They will always annoy you and it not out of their own disposition.

· Divided focus: the deficit leads victims to lose any constructive focusing. Their mind is always divided and they will work up your nerves because they will be drawn to ordinary things.

· Their understanding is not invalid: yes they have a general of understanding things. They are not totally clueless so take time to make them see the point.

· Hyper sensitivity: their sensory system becomes hyper and they will tend to grow adversely sensitive to mundane situations and sometimes things like noise will cause breakdown.

· Yes they can hear but will have trouble listening: they will hear you but will have a problem of following your words. They are not good listeners since they cannot focus on one thing a time.

· Obsession with ordinary things: they are not able to focus on one thing but when they find the concentration, they will become obsessive and their intensity will be unmovable. They can sit in one place looking in one direction for hours. It will make you want to jerk them since you want them to concentrate on something different.

· Not good with crowded places: when you invite friends to your house you will be running into trouble. Your ADD spouse, child or any other family member will become stressed and withdrawn from whatever is happening. Instead of getting into the merrymaking, they will act irrationally.

I understand how stressful it can get when taking care of a sick family member. You can lose your patience and do things you may regret. But calm down, getting a few facts about ADD will not only help you but also the person you are taking care of.

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