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Spring is considered to be the Ideal time of the year to ramp-up your workout schedule to the next level. Summer is fast approaching and so are the beach trips and outdoor sports that you have planned for all along the year. In this era of Smartphones, fitness doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym anymore, and the sole reason for that being the available apps. Now carry the spirit of the gym wherever you go and workout at any time of the day. Here are 6 of the best fitness apps available for free and we’ve collected them for you.

1) Ab Trainer (iPhone)

Who doesn’t want to shed those extra pounds of blubber hanging around the tummy? A fit and toned abdomen is a goal for almost everyone who is serious about their overall fitness. A toned abdomen not only looks appealing but also stabilizes the body to perform other types of athletic movements. Ab Trainer offers a wide range of exercises designed specifically for the abs. More than 70 exercises have been fed into the app and are organized into specific categories – equipment exercises, resistance-band exercises, and dumbbell exercises. Each of these has a short description and is accompanied by helpful photos and animation making it crystal clear for the users.

2) Pilates Core (iPhone)

Pilates are a specific series of exercises that involve a combination of slow controlled movements and stretches that ultimately enhance the strength, flexibility and balance of your body. The Pilates Core app teaches you the basic Pilates moves that are divided into sets of varying lengths and intensity. Cool and clear visuals guide you through the entire exercise and following the video on the screen is just enough to get them right. The free version of the app has quite a lot of stuff to start off with and you can opt for the complete version($6.99) once you feel determined to step-up.

3) Myfitnesspal (iPhone)

One of the most famous and well-noted apps, MyfitnessPal starts the course by gathering all the relevant information: your age, weight etc. Next, it asks what your goals are and how much time you are ready to spend on the same. It then asks you to feed the data of all that you eat. The vast database has almost all the varieties of foods available and whenever you eat something, you just need to add that to your food diary. The app then subtracts the corresponding number of calories from your daily allowance and reminds you the limit for the day. Another part of the same app also records your physical activity and plans accordingly.

4) Eat this, Not that! (iPhone)

This is not a routine app that gives you exercises or monitors your workouts. This is basically a game of food choices and you get points for making the correct healthy choices. For example, you are asked a question saying which is the best among a hotdog and a salad. The Idea is simple and the app is both fun to play and also informational.

5) Relax Melodies (iPhone)

A quality sleep is of utmost importance when it comes to improving your overall health. The Relax Melodies app uses a collection of 46 different sounds that create a music that relaxes your soul and distracts you from food cravings. These sounds include the white noise, underwater, the wind, flute, and rain etc. which are mixed at appropriate volumes to make the best melody that is best for you.

6) Podrunner (iPhone)

The music plays a vital role in enhancing the seriousness of any workout schedule. It not only inspires you but also distracts you from the boring low-intensity sessions. Podrunner has a series of tracks that are created by professionals and organized according to BPM. So if you are starting slow, you can choose the Soloist Mix marked at 131 BPM and for a fast-paced, high-intensity workout, you have the Racers Edge mix marked at 181 BPM. Some tracks also increase the BPM gradually so as to suit the increasing intensity of your run or cardio session.

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