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5 Steps to happiness


Happiness is a personal state of being. Christine Carter, a sociologist at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center studied researches about the level of happiness in people and came up with the following tips to become happier.

1. Take a break
During childhood, we usually take recess to refresh the entire body. As adults, we forget to take break and play around due the accumulation everyday plans and responsibilities. Failure to relax on regular basis and engage in amusing activities can result in nervous disorder. Try as much as possible to delegate about an hour to an hour and half of your time per day to doing things that you enjoy and keeps you mentally up. Make sure to engage in a lot of fun activities.

2. Autopilot
In a research at Duke University, it was found that 40% of human actions are habitual, not as a result of consciousness. Quite a number of people will agree that we spend a part of our day in autopilot mode. Most of the things they do are not as a result of a special thought but routine actions. Developing good routine habits is a way to keep you happy when you ride your day in autopilot mode.

3. Be selective
Being selective means being able to take the right decision that you know is best for every situation. You cannot do everything on that outline in a day; spread them over a few days and stop feeling depressed for not achieving those set of goals you’ve slated out. Decide on a reasonable amount of aim you can accomplish in a day and shut your eyes to others. This will reduce stress and cut out time wasting activities from your schedule.

4. Nurture relationships
One great way of keeping yourself happy is by interacting with people. Building new relationships and keeping the old ones will help increase your level of happiness. The one best way to do this is by interacting with people with the aim of developing certain level of intimacy with them. A novel study once showed that having a genuine interaction with a cashier at a imprints joy in a person compare to just entering a store with a primary and secondary aim of purchasing a good or service. Communicating with people relieves a person of a lot of stress.

5. Do more
There is a difference in the level of happiness derived for doing things that are delightful and just staying idle. Staying idle keeps you rested but you can a long way by engaging in fun activities. We also tend to get involved in easy activities which may not chockfull with happiness. Engage in what you know makes you happy and also relax.

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