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Human beings are generally inclined to seek popularity. They want to be liked. They want to be loved. They want to be the center of attention. Being popular is more important in the workplace than anywhere else. Why? Because if people like you, they inadvertently present you with a pedestal that you can use to ascend to positions of leadership, etc.
Below is a run-down of five tried and tested hacks that will make you everyone’s favorite in the office.

Learn Your Colleagues’ Manners

It is good to be yourself and to maintain your unique personality, but people are going to like you if they know that you share some similarity with them. People are usually subconsciously drawn towards people who exhibit the same mannerisms, or body language, perceiving them to be allies. However, while doing this you will need to be very careful as there are some people who might think you are trying to imitate them as a joke. In adopting a few of your colleagues’ mannerisms, strive to be as authentic as possible.


If you want to make people feel that you agree with them, be attentive and note the last few things they say before they finish speaking. When you are giving a response, repeat the last few words so that the other person may know that you were listening and you have taken their point into consideration. It might also make the person think that you are on their side. Afterwards you can put across your point, but your audience will feel good that you have built on their point and didn’t just try to tear their point apart.

Let them Talk

Most people like talking about themselves because the human brain is rigged to reward people for talking about themselves. Thus, the more a person talks about himself/herself, the more that person will feel pleasure and comfortable around you. Therefore, let your colleagues talk and listen patiently. Do not fret or be disappointed that you have not had a chance to talk about yourself. In fact, it has now been discovered that you do not have to talk about yourself for other people to like you; you just just need to permit them to talk as you patiently listen.

Don’t Be a Rumor Mill

Funnily, what you gossip about other people often reflects upon yourself. If you have to talk about other people when they are not around, then it is good you mention that other person in good light. What you tell other people how much you like another colleague when the other colleague is not around will inadvertently makes you sound like a heroine. If you do gossip and talk trash, it will make other colleagues mistrust you.

Seek Advice
Solicit intelligence from people in the work environment who are aware how things are done. The people whose advice you solicit will be so much grateful because they’ll think you respect their intelligence.

Being in good terms with other workmates is one way to increase productivity in the office.

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