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Hanging up phone call after having one of the one of the worst conversation you have ever hand your lifetime leaves you in an unpleasant position. The phone call has left you angry and scared for not knowing the way forward. Such a phone call did not involve a break up with your friends or an argument with your parents. You have just finished talking to a debt collector. How should you act? Should you decide to ignore all phone calls coming from a number that you do not recognize? Should you vacate your house? Is panicking an option? Here are four ways to act when debt collectors start following up on you.

1. Is this a real follow up?
It might sound awkward, but the first thing you should do when you receive a call from a person claiming to be a debt collector is to figure out whether he or she is a real debt collector. There are some scammers out there who target individuals who are behind paying their debt posing as debt collectors and con them. Once you pick the call, ask the caller to provide credentials that prove he or she is a legit debt collector. If they hesitate, hang up the phone.

2. Remember that you have rights
Debtor collectors have a tendency of threatening their clients to scare them into paying the debt quickly. It is advisable that you stay relaxed and remember that the threats from debts collectors cannot be imposed legally thus should not scare you. The debtors have no right to call you after work if you prohibit them from doing so and should not also make violent threats to drive you to pay those you owe money.

3. Do not provide your bank information
In case you are ready and capable of paying your debts try and handle your transactions in the old fashion way. There are various safe methods that you can opt for paying your debts including the use of bankers check or money orders. Most debt collectors are not honest, and if they happen to get access to bank information, there are high chances that they will wipe you clean leaving you without even a penny. The old fashioned way is safe and convenient since there are no chances of being tricked in sharing your confidential financial information.

4. Look for money to pay your debt
The best way of keeping debt collectors away from you is by clearing your debt. If you do not have enough cash in safe or bank account to clear the debt you can opt to take a short term pay day loan on GoLoansGo. Such a loan can be very helpful since it allows you to transact quickly allowing you to pay the money you owe early enough before things start getting worse. Applying for a quick loan is not complicated it involves simple a process which easy to follow.

You just get an online application form which takes only a few minutes to fill in.
Loan processing does not involve reviewing your credit status.
The money is sent to your bank account directly.
If you want to drive away those nagging debt collectors, visit GoLoansGo today and you will get the money you need to clear your debts.

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