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Travel destinations

Mother Nature has offered us with natural wonders that are scattered throughout the globe and are in amazing numbers. As a traveler who has the interests in traveling to unique destinations, here are unbelievably grandiose destinations that you should visit before you die.

1. Sea of stars, Vaadhoo, Maldives

Being on the off-the-beaten-track beaches of the Vaadhoo Island during the night is a great experience because you will witness the millions of little dazzling and sparkling lights in the sand. The local population of the waters bio-luminescent plankton makes it offer a breathtaking and a romantic phenomenon.

2. Banaue rice terraces, Philippines

This rose from the terracing of rice fields over thousands of feet in the Ifugao province in the Philippines. The terraces follow the natural contours that enhance the rugged natural beauty of the region. The fields exemplify the harmonious and sustainable relationship between the environment and human beings. The terraces are worth visiting because of the natural beauty and the sunrise viewpoint will enable you to get a clear view as you interact with the local Igorot tribes that sell wood carvings and pose for photographs.

3. Wulingyuan, China

The place has 3000 dots of natural sandstone that are tower-like structures. The Wulingyuan region is an amazing destination that looks like an experience from a fantasy movie. There are many waterfalls, streams, caves and many magnificent sites that exist amid the formations.

4. Marble Caves, Argentina/Chile 

These are systems of caves and caverns that have dazzling patterns of both white and blue stones and are situated in the General Carrera Lake that borders two countries.

5. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

The sky-high bamboo trees forest and its amazing surroundings which lie outside the Kyoto metropolis is the best destination. You will get the best experience that will enable you feel like you are a hidden dragon or a movie crouching tiger.

6. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia 

It covers 4086 square miles of the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia that offers a marvelous beholding experience. The place has a similarity with the Americas valley of Death because it is a desolate salt desert that has amazing and beautiful animals and pink flamingos.

7. Crooked Forest, Poland 

This is a pine trees forest that seemed to have emerged from a fairy tale because all the trees are shaped like a question mark on the base and the trees are deformed. Scientists still wonder how they navigated through the forest.

8. Buckskin Gulch, Utah

This is known to be the renowned Colorado River offshoot which is a wonderful canyon that is 12 miles long and is full of turns and twists that you as a traveler can navigate using a raft or a kayak.

9. Kakum National Park, Ghana

It is situated in the Lush forest and humiliates most zoos because it hosts plenty of exotic monkeys, birds, antelopes, elephants and lush flora for an amazing sighting.

10. Angel Falls, Venezuela

The worlds tallest waterfall which is 3212 feet high and it is named after Jimmie Angel; an aviator who was the first foreigner to see and publish the falls in the year 1933.

11. “Door to hell”, Turkmenistan 

This is a massive Gorge situated in the Karakum desert that houses constant burning fires that appear to have come from the depths of hell. These fires result from the deep and underground field of natural gas that was set ablaze in 1971 by the engineers of Soviet Petroleum.

12. Champagne pool, New Zealand 

The place got its name from a popular alcoholic beverage. It is a natural geothermal body that has water, but you should not drink the water because they are subjected to a temperature of 167 degrees Fahrenheit and bubbles throughout the day due to plenty of carbon dioxide. Hence, the water is not safe for drinking.

13. Socotra, Yemen

Although Yemen is engulfed in civil wars, the Socotra Island still remains the best travel destination. The four Islands are situated in the Indian Ocean and have more than 700 animal and plant species that have unique features to the Island. The species include; Socotra bunting, Christines Mabuya which is a type of a lizard, cucumber tree and the dragon’s blood tree.

14. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 

This is an amazing traveling destination in the world because it is the worlds tallest mountain and has been a great subject in many books and films such as a novel known as the snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemingway. The country that surrounds the mountain is full of impressive flora and fauna such as giraffes, blue monkeys and water buffalos.

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