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There have been many studies on the diets of worlds healthiest and longest living communities. It has been found that longest living inhabitants of these regions share similar food and dietary habits: the Nicoya Peninsula, the Greek Island of Ikaria, Costa Rica, sardine; and Okinawa, Japan. All these regions are referred to as Blue Zones by researcher Dan Buettner. Let’s have a close look at some diet tips from the world communities with longest life spans. 

1. Reduce Meat Intake

Meat should be eaten moderately, at the maximum of three ounces, four times a month. Chicken is much better than red meat and meat eaten by world’s long life areas often comes from animals that are raised without antibiotics and chemicals and graze freely.

2. Consume 95 Percent Fresh Plants

The worlds longest living people eat fresh grains and beans all year long. Leafy greens are some of the best vegetable varieties. In fact, more than 70 varieties of vegetables are grown locally in Ikaria. 

3. Something Fishy

In a study involving 96,000 Americans for over a decade, it was found that people who ate plant based diet with moderate portions of fish lived the longest. In almost all longevity regions, fish is a staple product. 

4. Eggs In Moderation

You should eat just one egg at a time. For instance, one egg at breakfast can be accompanied by a whole grain bread and fruit. 

5. Include Dairy Products in Moderation

Whoever said that diary products such as milk are good for humans was way off. Our digestive system is not designed to process cow’s milk. In most world’s longevity areas, calcium comes from tofu, plants and nuts. The one exception is sheep and goat milk products that are common in traditional diets of Sardinia and ikaria. 

6. Certain Breads are Best

100 percent whole grain bread and sourdough breads, including rye, wheat and barley are acceptable unlike most breads people eat these days. 

7. Beans 

Beans are a major component of all long-life diets. They contain significant amount of protein and carbohydrates, and only minimal fat. They are also rich in fiber, which will aid bowel movement and help you pass gas nicely. You should eat at least a half cup of any bean a day.

8. Eliminate Sugar

The longest living people consume just ¼ the amount of sugar that an average westerner does. So try to eliminate as much sugar as possible from your diet. 

9. Eat Unprocessed Foods 

You should avoid supermarket foods that come packed in bags. Also avoid products with long list of ingredients, most of which are synthetic.

10. Go Nuts!

A 25 year Harvard study found that nut eaters live longer than others. So it’s best if you consume at least 100 grams per day of pistachios, cashews or walnuts. 

11. Drink More and More Water

Avoid all sugar filled beverages and drink more water.

12. Drink Herbal Tea

Drink herbal tea several times a day. Ikarians drink brews of wild safe, rosemary and dandelion. 

13. Drink Only Red Wine 

You should drink 1-2 glasses of red wine a day as this helps body to absorb all plant-based antioxidants and reduce stress. 

14. Drink Lots of Coffee

Ikarian’s and Sardinians drink lots of coffee. Many studies have shown a direct connection between coffee drinking and lower rates of Parkinsons disease and dementia.

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