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Airline secrets

1. The pillows and blankets you are given in the planes are not always cleaned.
Sometimes the flights may be too close to each other, this allows not time for the operators to clean them blankets and pillows before they can use them, in another flights.

2. Human organs are carried in flights for medical research reasons
Some parts of the world do not have enough facilities to carry out comprehensive research; this leads them to transporting human organs via planes for research overseas.

3. Your luggage can be ripped off to pave way for security checks
In case you will leave your luggage locked, it is possible the security officers will rip it off the luggage for security checks. In order to avoid cases where your bag will be spoiled, just leave it unlocked.

4. For better services, try to tip your flight attendants
Most people will feel better when appreciated, after you appreciate the work of the flight attendants by tipping them, there are high chances they will pay more attention to you during the flight.

5. A plane radar cannot be disrupted by waves from cell phones or electric appliances. But, the noise from the appliances can disrupt the attention of the pilot.

6. You can unlock the airplane bathroom from the outside. There is a mechanism that is usually hidden under the no smoking sign.

7. Water used to prepare coffee and tea in planes is stored in a water tank on the plane. The water tank is rarely cleaned.

8. Most of the airlines use subcontractors to supply them with pilots who will fly their planes. The pilots whom the subcontractors supply are in most cases less experienced when compared to their own staff.

9. At night you will see the cabin light dimmed. This usually happen during landing and takeoff. Have you ever wondered why? This is aimed at making it easy for you to evacuate the plane in case there is an emergency. When the lights are made dim, your eyes will adjust to the surrounding which will make it easy to evacuate the plane.

10. The headphones given out to passengers at the planes are the same which have been used for several years. There is a high possibility they have been used on thousands of people in the life of the plane. This is a secret no plane attendant will inform you.

11. In most of the flights the planes fly on auto pilot. Under this condition most pilots sleep. The autopilots take all the actions of the plane. The autopilot is a system that has been made to respond to different parameters of the plane. For example, they will take the altitude readings speed at which the plane is flying among other parameters for them to take necessary actions.

12. In any flight, the pilot and his copilot are given different meals. This is a measure put in place to avoid cases where food poisoning will render the plane out of control due to failure of both the pilot and the copilot.

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