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Smartphone photography

Since the birth of smartphone trends, everyone has become good in capturing quality photos. These photos are easily shared and liked by their friends on the social media which has become a part of everyone’s life. Smartphone photography makes everyone become an amateur photographer. Both camera software and hardware help us capture and edit the images in just a few clicks in extremely easy way. Smartphones produce clear, high quality, and well-defined photos that can be store in commercial stock apps.

The tips for a good smartphone photos goes the same with SLR and other type of photography. Here are the tricks for taking better smartphone images:

1. Familiarize the Tools
Firsthand, read and familiarize the smart phone manual and do some online research so that you will know the capacity and the limitations of your camera. Smartphones are known to have a fixed aperture and limited shutter speed.

2. Familiarize the Apps
There are many applications that can help you enhance images and get the better of cameras restrictions. Camera+ and Camera Awesome have many editing features such as focus adjustment, grid, exposure, and levels. There are popular and professional editing applications like SnapSeed , Photoforge, and Lenka. The Slow Shutter makes long exposure effects. Don’t forget to save your captured photos at the highest resolution before you edit and apply filters.

3. Consider the Exposure
You will have better captured images when you consider the exposure during the shooting and not afterwards, even when there are many filters and great editing applications to use. Small sensor in your smartphone cameras needs light. Make use of your creativity and play around with the light surrounds you to have a dramatic output such as the sun rays, shadows, a piece of paper to bounce the light, and more techniques to apply. Take note, the worst of all possible options is using your camera’s flash.

4. Obtain a Good Composition
This concept originated from the classical painting. Obtaining a good composition is important to have better looking images. There are a few things to do to have it:
– Be aware with the negative and positive spaces.
– Remember the rule of thirds to obtain well balanced image.
– Photos are better when shot according to the contrasts and color patterns.
– Avoid messy backgrounds since it pulls back the main subject and the focus of the camera.
– The dominant and horizontal lines should be straight in a photo.

5. Shooting from Unusual Angles
Utilize the objects in the foreground to give some depth to your shots and to emphasize the main subject. Explore your creativity in photography by shooting through the doors, windows, and other unusual angles.

6. Focus and Stance
Shoot in different angles and select which one looks best. You can lay down on the floor, get up on the ladder, or do anything that can draw out the captivating stance in your image. You may also focus on the smallest detail of the object and bring it to the surface with a dramatic blurry background.

7. Black and White
Nowadays, black and white photographs are viewed as classic and sophisticated. Having a black and white composition can save you from getting a poorly-exposed image.

8. Cropping
It is not bad to shoot wider than you need. But when you need to crop the image, it will affect the pixelation. Cropping can make the image sharpness worse when done incorrectly.

9. Using Accessories
Smartphone camera accessories like the monopod and attachable lenses are worth they money. Investing in those things can take your images to the next level.

10. Just Keep Shooting
Unlike before the era of digital photography when people are paying for each film shot and film developing, we are lucky nowadays that we can shoot as many as we can, with the unlimited number of shots. And this is the most amazing aspect of smartphone photography. So take more photos and capture everything you want without limit.

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