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Everyone would love to have an amazing vacation filled with adventure travel so that you can go back to your home with once-in-a-lifetime experiences under your belt and have fascinating tales to tell to your friends and relatives.

We have compiled information on the 10 most beautiful adventure travel destinations across the world for the curious and active traveller who would like to stimulate both the mind and the body.

1. South African Safari

One of the most exciting and diverse trips to experience is the South African tour or Safari. There is abundance of wildlife and scenery in South Africa. Besides being home to some of Africa’s most renowned wildlife reserves, South Africa provides numerous cosmopolitan delights, a fascination with history, a relaxing beach holiday and an amazing cultural experience.

Some of the places to visit on the South African Safari are:

Kruger National Park
Sabi Sand Game Reserve
Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park
Phinda Private Game Reserve
Addo Elephant National Park
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

2. Maldives

Maldives is home to some of the best beaches in the world with pure white sand to lie around and with warm blue waters to swim in. The clear waters of Maldives provide an amazing underwater experience of anyone with an interest in marine life. The best part of the underwater experience is that the waters are so warm that one does not have to even wear a wetsuit while exploring the underwater wildlife.

3. The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is one nature’s most amazing displays and, as the name suggests, are especially related to the polar regions. This region extends over northern Scandinavia, Island, the southern tip of Greenland and continuing over northern Canada, Alaska and along the northern coast of Siberia. The coasts of Troms and Finnmark in Norway, where occurrence is greatest, n attractive destination for people interested in observing this atmospheric phenomenon. The Northern Lights provide an amazing multicolored show in which the night sky is suddenly lit up with a wondrous glow that twists and swirls like a heavenly lava lamp.

4. Iguazu Falls Adventure in South America

The visit to the Iguazu Falls provides an exotic experience of the stunning beauty and raw power of one of the greatest natural wonders on Earth. One of those places that needs to be seen to be believed, Iguazu Falls is situated in the tropical jungles of the three-way border between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

5. Mont Saint-Michel – The Emerald City Of France

Mont Saint-Michel is one of France’s top five tourist attractions. A Norman Benedictine abbey and monastery sit at the island’s centre, surrounded by the winding streets and elaborate architecture of the tiny medieval town. In 1979, the site was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. During the summer, the island attracts up to 9,000 visitors a day.

6. Grand Canyon Adventure in USA

Officially designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona is truly a natural wonder and it has close to 4.5 million visitors each year. Two of the popular places for hikers and sightseers are the South Rim (home to the Grand Canyon Village) and the Bright Angel Trail. For a truly escapist experience, the North Rim provides place for hardcore hiking and backwoods camping.

7. Mount Stromboli in Italy

Stromboli, one of the eight Aeolian Islands, is a very small Italian volcanic island just north of Sicily. It has been in a state of continuous eruption for the last 2000 years and regularly erupts in intervals that can last as long as minutes or hours. One of the fascinating things to do is to hike on Stromboli to see the “Stairway of Fire,” which is the path that the lava takes to the sea.

8. Yellowstone National Park in USA

Yellowstone National Park was established as the first national park in 1872 to preserve Yellowstone’s amazing geography, fossil forests and the Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone National Park is situated in the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming and covers an area of 3472-sq-miles. It is well-known for its geothermal features such as hot springs, bubbling mudpots and geysers. A diverse range of wildlife such as grizzly bears, wolves and bison can be found here.

9. Antarctica

Antarctica feels like a different planet with its monstrous glaciers, colossal icebergs, and millions of penguins. It is one of the ultimate travel destinations in the world. Much of its appeal rests on its unusual and relatively visible wildlife.

10. Adventure in the Amazon Rain Forest in South America

The Amazon rainforest is largest river basin on Earth covering approximately 2,650,000 square miles of South America which is more than one third of the entire continent. A large number of tourists visit the Amazon rainforest for adventure travel so that it gives them a chance to explore exotic lands and primitive cultures.

Bottom Line

Adventure traveling has different meanings for different people, yet it usually features travel off the beaten path to include activities that require physical exertion or visit regions with extreme weather and rugged terrain. The destinations listed above will definitely provide all the excitement required to make the travel adventurous and memorable.

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